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Frequently asked questions

Woddle will launch in th first Quarter of 2024. The first batch of Smart Pads for those who reserved early are expected to ship March 2024

The product will begin shipping early 2024 for those who reserved early. A second batch of units are going to be in production and preparing to ship soon after that.

Your baby can be up to 5 years old for you to be able to use Woddle! You can be one of the first few people using Woddle by reserving a spot for the launch early 2024. Woddle will start producing a second batch after that with more spots.

Yes, Woddle's smart pad is able to weigh babies up to 50lbs. Woddle has 4 weight censors as opposed to 1, on other products, allowing us to accurately measure even the most active babies 

The AI parent coach can help in various ways. It's your guiding assistant. It's activated by voice command, the onboard computer, and mobile app. It keeps track of your baby's health and shares it with you so you're able to make better decisions. It's also able to assist with any questions you have when it's a challenge that you've never faced before. The AI will always recommend you seek the advice of a medical professional after it has made an assessment.

50lbs, or 22kgs

Woddle is for babies up to 5 years old.

Woddle comes equipped with a soft pad, with an extra cushioned layer at both ends to make sure the baby's head is well adjusted no matter how the baby is placed on the pad.

Yes. Woddle's AI can use all available data on the baby's age, weight, feeding, and sleeping habits plus your own observations to make a calculated guess. The AI will always advise you to seek the advice of a medical professional for a diagnoses.