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Woddle Smart Changing Pad

$249.00 USD
$300.00 USD

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Get personalized advice and recommendations

Why search for answers when you can have your Woddle provide you with the information you need, when you need it. Get personalized insights, proactive reminders, and  advice tailored for your needs. 

Giving Parents Peace of Mind

Woddle's smart change pad and ecosystem are designed to help you stay present, so you can cherish each moment with your newborn.

Monitor Your Child’s Growth Seamlessly

Experience the convenience and organization of Woddle's onboard application, designed to streamline your baby care routine by tracking weight, feeding, sleep, and diaper changes.

Simplify your parenting journey with this all-in-one solution, keeping essential information and insights at your fingertips.

Warmer integrated

The Woddle baby change pad comes with a built-in warmer, ensuring your baby stays cozy and comfortable during diaper changes. This feature is especially useful during colder months, providing a gentle warmth that keeps your baby relaxed.

Retractable belt

Safety is our top priority, which is why our change pad features a retractable belt. This belt secures your baby during changes, preventing falls and ensuring your little one stays safe and secure at all times.

Manage and Organize Your Child’s Care

Stay connected and informed with Woddle's native mobile apps, designed to bring parents and caretakers closer than ever.

Monitor your baby's progress, share updates with nannies, and collaborate seamlessly to create a nurturing and supportive environment for your little one.

Goodbye Clutter,

Tech Specs

Tech Specifications

Height: 63MM (88MM with Screen)
Length: 800MM
Width: 400MM (443MM with Screen)
Weight: ~ 2KG

- Body: Water proof BPA-free / White

- Mat: Soft Silicon / Black

3.5  inch high resolution 480x320 pixel HVGA, TFT LCD

iOS 13 and Android Lollipop or higher Supported 

Bluetooth 5.2

Warm LED

Up to 50 Lbs / 22 Kg

78℉  / 25℃

Soft Nylon Belt with Polished Aluminium Clip 

Polished Aluminium with rubber padding 

USB-C (for service configuration/programming only)

At least 95 different languages. 

- Woddle + Mat

- Power Cord, AC/DC power adapter, Input 100-240 V, output 24V, 4-Amp

- Instruction Manual

1 Year

White Cloud, Midnight Blue, and Sunset Red



Woddle will launch on Kickstarter in October 2023. The first batch of Products for those who reserved early will be shipping in early 2024. 

The product will begin shipping early 2024 for those who reserved early. A second batch of units are going to be in production and preparing to ship soon after that.

Your baby can be up to 5 years old for you to be able to use Woddle! You can be one of the first few people using Woddle by reserving a spot for the launch early 2024. Woddle will start producing a second batch after that with more spots.

There are three different ways you can track a baby's sleep:

1. Tell the AI via voice command when the baby sleeps and when they are awake. 

2. You can enter it on the smart pad screen.

3. You can enter it on the app on your mobile device.

You have to input your baby's feeding for the smart pad to keep track of the baby's intake and the timing of it, via voice command, the smart screen screen, or the mobile app. Woddle's Smart Pad will also be able to use the information you give it, plus other data measured like weight, and sleeping habits, to provide feedback if it can improve the baby's health.

Yes. The Woddle system is designed to handle mulitple family members and multiple children on the same family account.

Yes, Woddle's smart pad is able to weigh babies up to 50lbs. Woddle has 4 weight censors as opposed to 1, on other products, allowing us to accurately measure even the most active babies 

The AI parent coach can help in various ways. It's your guiding assistant. It's activated by voice command, the onboard computer, and mobile app. It keeps track of your baby's health and shares it with you so you're able to make better decisions. It's also able to assist with any questions you have when it's a challenge that you've never faced before. The AI will always recommend you seek the advice of a medical professional after it has made an assessment.

No, Woddle is completely safe. It's designed to protect your baby's health. 

Woddle keeps your data encrypted and secure.

Woddle comes equipped with night time soft lights, and speakers for lullabies, it's also able to communicate to you as a parent ways to help you calm your baby to sleep. It will be with you every step of the way.

50lbs, or 22kgs

Woddle is for babies up to 5 years old.

Woddle comes equipped with a soft pad, with an extra cushioned layer at both ends to make sure the baby's head is well adjusted no matter how the baby is placed on the pad.

Yes. Woddle's AI can use all available data on the baby's age, weight, feeding, and sleeping habits plus your own observations to make a calculated guess. The AI will always advise you to seek the advice of a medical professional for a diagnoses.

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